alien universe timeline 4 Vehicles 4. Due to a malfunction, the Vision's ship crashed landed in the Russian territory of Tunguska, creating the Tunguska Event, and was kept in a secret military bunker by the Soviet government. In-universe, the snap takes place in 2018 even though there's absolutely no reference to Thanos wiping out half the world in Agents of Shield season 6. 1 Eras 1. Stay alive if you can. The Chronicles takes place five years after the events in Pitch Black, and is set 505 years in the future, where Riddick who's been in hiding is now forced back on the map after a bounty has been put on his head from a man he once knew. Based on The Cosmic Code: The Sixth Book of The Earth Chronicles by Zecharia Sitchin, this is the real historical timeline of our planet: Events Before the Deluge. BFRs throws him into another universe, timeline, or uses Silver age BS telepathy power or The Alien timeline has multiple pasts. Principal photography began on April 4, 2016, at Milford Sound in Fiordland National Park, New Zealand, and wrapped on July 19, 2016. Thor gave us a glimpse of what the expanded universe could offer in the Sigourney Weaver put the Xenomorph alien on the map in 1979, and now Marvel Comics is continuing that legacy with Alien #1, a new comic series from Superman writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson and X 11 From the Ashes 26/07/2019. Living, moving, active crew require food, oxygen and water to go about their business of being human. Last ice age ~20,000 years ago. This timeline relates only to Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, Prometheus and Alien Covenant. All entries are continuously edited and altered. 1 1960s 1. (Independence Day) 2069-2123 | The Alien Universe Timeline 2069-2123 Mid – Late 21st Century Faster-Than-Light (FTL) technology is discovered and the human race expands into deep space. Sawyer. 7 billion years ago. 1200 Prime species home start system and renegade Prime colony star (the Dyson Pair) quarantined behind force field by the Anomine. He then slaughters Adrian in front of his lover before presumably using his blood to write a message to Mike about its return. Though the Padishah Emperors laid claim to ruling the Known Universe, in However, the alternate universe may lead to alternate history as well: Alternate Reed Richards may change human society, Dr. 3 Rise of the Covenant era 1. 3 Ben 10: Omniverse 3 Personalities 3. I. Over ten years ago, the Marvel Cinematic Universe started with one man, a metal suit of armor, and an unconventional self-rescue. 3 Origin of Superhuman Powers 2. c. Alien 3 (Movie Novelization) 8. Predator, and Prometheusfranchises. Alien: Resurrection takes place in 2379, 200 years later. Alien vs Predator Universe Timeline This is my timeline of the events of the Alien-Predator series, which might have some inconsistencies due not every entry of the franchises not taking in account each other and being done as its own thing. Predator timeline: 1/2/5/6. Anne drags his limp body out of the ship and back to the tractor. Save for only one, no certain chronological parameter has ever been affirmed within the series. fandom. While that film is canon, the game will be drawing a few influences from the non-canon work that William Gibson produced for the film when it went through development hell, such as including the faction of The Union of Progressive Peoples. 1902. Produced and distributed by 20th Century Studios, the series began with Alien (1979), directed by Ridley Scott, and was followed by three sequels, Aliens (1986), Alien 3 (1992), and Alien Resurrection (1997), directed by James Cameron, David Fincher, and Jean-Pierre Jeunet, respectively. 1 New York City 4. With that in mind, The timeline below is restricted to the film and TV entries in the Trek universe, in part because the books, comics, and other media are fascinating enhancements to the Dark Horse Comics took the industry by storm with its release of Aliens, a comics series that for the first time captured the power of film source material and expanded its universe in a way that fans applauded worldwide. (Marvel Cinematic Universe) 2014: A rogue Kree warlord called Ronan invades Xandar with the Power Stone but is defeated by the Guardians of the Galaxy. Life emerges on Goroth Prime. 2 2015 4. It is revealed Science Officer Ash is in fact a Hyperdyne Systems 120-A/2 android, who has been protecting the Alien. 8 2029 6 2030s 6. Approx: 14,000,000,000 BC – 3,500,000,000. 6 Creatures 4. ” That SHOULD mean that we’re looking at the year This page is dedicated to establishing a general overview of historical or important events that take place before and during the timeline of Steven Universe, Steven Universe: The Movie, and Steven Universe Future. 1 Ben 10: Alien Force 2. 10 Leap 19/07/2019. are working overtime to establish the DC Extended Universe, Below is a nifty timeline to the everlasting MCU, all the who weaponize new alien technology for their own The Alien 40th anniversary short films are a series of fan-made short films created in association with 20th Century Fox and Tongal to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of Alien. (Man of Steel) 8,700,000,000 BC circa Planet Based on the template of New Earth, the Earth is formed approximately 10 billion years after the Big Bang, following the reformation of the Multiverse in the Infinite Crisis. Never returns. The sum of all potential parallel universes that constitute reality is often called a "multiverse". 450,000 years ago, On Nibiru, a distant member of our solar system, life faces slow extinction as the planet’s atmosphere erodes. Below is a timeline of the major events in Fallout's alternate history as it exists right now. Explore the entire universe of Aliens, Aliens vs. Articles are published not by actual date. Predator, Prometheus comics and graphic novels on Dark Horse Digital! The term the Known Universe referred to the area of the portion of the Universe that was explored and documented by humans. Alien Universe timeline explained You can go into the finer detail in the ALIEN UNIVERSE TIMELINE which is the official canon timeline recognised and is referenced to by 20th Century Fox. 1 History 1. 5 Sentient Species 4. 2 Around 8,000 years ago 1. 3 2016 4. The second in the original saga follows more or less the same events as the first, with the return of Nostromo survivor Ripley (not forgetting the ship’s cat Jonesy) after a 57-year hypersleep. While Ridley Scott's sequel to Alien: Covenant is apparently on indefinite hold, the timeline for the franchise is open-ended. Timeline (2019 film) 27 years after the events of the first film, It resurfaces when a group of homophobic teenagers beat up and toss a gay man named Adrian Mellon off the bridge. and winds up on an alien planet 2263 (Kelvin timeline) - Three years into the five-year mission (with things starting to get boring), the Enterprise is destroyed by Krall’s swarm ships, marooning the crew on an alien planet Speaking with CNET, The Predator star Keegan-Michael Key counted the Alien vs. 2179; Alien 3 (1992) - Immediate follow-up, also 2179; Alien: Resurrection (1997) - 200 years later, approx 2379 Together these three dimensions make up the next harmonic universe of the 5D parallel earth. Covenant Origins (Covenant Prequel) 1. They discover a verdant world ripe in vegetation but mysteriously devoid of animal life. Alien Exodus was the proposed title for the first book in a trilogy of Expanded Universe novels by Canadian science fiction author Robert J. It is based on the six 20th Century Fox films, their respective novelisations, and film Share your videos with friends, family, and the world BLADE RUNNER TIMELINE. 1 2013 4. The discovery of intelligent alien races forced humanity to get its act together. The only known certain date is 2307, the commencement production date of Ganymede Gin, an alcoholic brand. Movie. Marvel Studios has put out their own bare bones timeline, but it often contradicts itself, leading one fan to make his own. " A theory later emerged that the Blade Runner series (including Blade Runner, Soldier, and Blade Runner 2049) is in the same universe as the Alien series. Since the original series’ debut in 1966, the science fiction franchise has become a cult phenomenon, inspiring four more television serie MCU Fan-Made Timeline Is Better Than Marvel's Official Chart. There’s no more evidence for alien life than there is for the various gods and goddesses of Earth‘s religions. Earth being ruined is treated as a near-extinction-level event for the human species. The Prometheus timeline directly contradicts the Alien vs. In the Xeelee chronology humanity expands out from Earth into a universe chock-ful of alien life and cultures, in the manner of Niven's 'Known Space', perhaps. 2022 Tim Baker is born. 1 Synopsis 2 Plot 3 Cast 4 Appearances 4. Known to as the Prime Timeline in-universe. The phoenix reaches the alien vessel and determines that there is no life inside it. This list put the various timelines in chronological order. 7 Organizations 4. From 1987 to 1998, the Pennsylvania based company West End Games released official Star Wars roleplaying game sourcebooks, adventure supplements, guides, and the Star Wars Adventure Journal, all of which contained new stories set in the Star Wars universe, some as prose, but most as adventure scenarios for use in the game. Elizabeth Shaw and David’s head had been alone together in the universe, looking for the origin point of the human race The Halo universe is the sprawling fictional universe in which all Halo media takes place. By subsequent crossovers a list of games taking place in this universe has been defined, and is usually identified as the "UGSF series". The storylines of the science fiction film franchises Alien and Predator have been merged into a single continuity by the release of the films Alien vs. 2 Superheroes and Villains 2. The Big Bang occurs, creating the universe. The original games positions are still unclear in relation of the soft reboots dates, although they we know they happened long before in Doom Slayer's past from his perspective). 1 Early History 2. In those cases, the alternate history is a side consequence, not the basic premise. If you spot any errors or would like to offer further information please contact me via this form. Movie. In the end he will find out that his true destiny is to rule the universe. 5 2000s 1. Upon reaching the uncharted world, Tennessee, Ricks and Upworth remain aboard the Covenant in orbit while the rest of the crew heads to the surface in a dropship to explore. 11 1773 1. 5 Post-1131 1. Alien (Movie Novelization) 3. It is told through five related story arcs, each stemming from a game: Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Half-Life: Alyx Future Timeline | Latest Predictions | Technology | Singularity | 2020 | 2050 | 2100 | 2150 | 2200 | 21st century | 22nd century | 23rd century | Humanity Alien X, known as Transformation 10 by the Ultimatrix, is theCodon Stream/Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Celestialsapien from the Forge of Creation. Alien Vs. 5 Colonial era 1. 6 21st Century 3 Trivia For full list of media see: List of released Media 13,000,000,000 BC circa The Red Sun later named Rao forms. An Orion was first portrayed as an illusion in the original Star Trek pilot, but wasn't seen in the broadcast series until this original pilot was incorporated into a two-part episode (episodes 11 and 12) in the first season. 5 2018 4. The Prometheus timeline directly contradicts the Alien vs. In 2012, prior to the release of Prometheus, Ridley Scott discussed the prospects of a sequel and new trilogy, and the film was confirmed that August. 2 1994 2. 2 Seventh and Eighth Incarnations 2 Characteristics 2. The shorts were initially made available through IGN, with the shorts The Alien universe possesses faster-than-light travel so their reasons for suspended animation are likely based around the second - and equally important - reason for suspended animation after time delay: the important issue of resource management. It also begins to lay the groundwork for the Federation of Planets Read on for the complete timeline to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from “Iron Man” to “Avengers: Endgame. Especially when there's androids, weird babies, alien Raised by Wolves creator says it's a 'close cousin' to the Aliens universe, but doesn't quite 'link up' The universe is 13. 22nd century. Alien life in our universe? 01:05. 3 Cosmic Entities 2. Weyland Industries Timeline ( Translated from Japanese ) As such, the Alien timeline has got pretty complex, with the two new movies and a wealth of tie-in viral material making a web of narrative threads that - based on comments from Ridley Scott - is only going to get more complicated as we go forward. 6 2010s 1. 2 17th Century 2. Alien Fans. Predator: Requiem The Future Alien Timeline Eras Years Pre-History: 7500 BCE. The Far Future. 4 19th Century 2. What Max claims is that the CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research) has, in fact 2000-2009 | 2010-2019 | 2020-2029 | 2030-2039 | 2040-2049. " Ultimate Alien is always taking place just before Omniverse. 2050-2059 | 2060-2069 | 2070-2079 | 2080-2089 | 2090-2099. Sea of Sorrows (Canonical Alien) 6. The question of whether humans are alone in the universe is a complete unknown, of course. Dalton Cooper Mar 2, 2021 Fortnite Xenomorph and Ripley [Hide] The Timeline of the Halo universe spans hundreds of thousands of years, and is divided into several different eras for ease of understanding. The 4th book in the Boris Chronicles should probably be a bit further down in the actual timeline as it takes place about 50years after BA’s departure from Earth but the timeline currently positions it right before that takes place. Year 2,996 to 2,998: Events that appear in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (classic cartoon) take place. The vast majority of this space was claimed to be within the Imperium, the realm of the Padishah Emperors (who referred to themselves as "Padishah Emperors of the Known Universe" as a result). 1900 Starflyer crash-lands on Far Away, 400ly from Earth. 6 2019 5 2020s 5. 10 Cloverfield Lane How Aliens: Fireteam Fits Into The Alien Universe Posted March 23, 2021 4:34 PM Corporal Hicks 53 Comments In IGN’s latest article covering Cold Iron Studio’s upcoming Aliens: Fireteam, they’re talking to Cold Iron’s head of studio Craig Zinkievich, creative director Matt Highison and narrative designer Christ L’Etoile about Fireteam The timeline does fit. 6 Time 3 History 4 Places 4. Batman v Superman, featuring the first team-up between two of comic book’s Alien Commies from the Future! is the third episode of the seventh season of the television series Agents of S. 1 Upcoming 2 Motion Comics 2. 4 Sometime prior to 2048, the Bengal Tiger goes extinct. Of course, that might have something to do with the fact that a well-crafted droid is nearly indistinguishable from their human counterpart. 1 Locations 4. According to a bonus feature on the new Steelbook Blu If an Alien and a Predator appear, that means its part of the separate AVP Universe. Like why we An alien, in the broadest sense, is someone or something not native to where they currently are. Filmmaker explains his approach to his classic sequel, how he tapped into his "Ridley-ness" and why he thinks subsequent installments missed the mark. Predator (1987) Alan “Dutch" Schaefer (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) and his team of elite soldiers are sent on a mission to rescue hostages from a Predator 2 (1990) Alien vs Predator (2004) Alien vs Predator Requiem (2007) The Predator (2018) The Alien Universe Timeline Welcome to the most expansive timeline of the Alien films available. An Orion was first portrayed as an illusion in the original Star Trek pilot, but wasn't seen in the broadcast series until this original pilot was incorporated into a two-part episode (episodes 11 and 12) in the first season. 1 2000s 2. The crew of that film discovered the Engineer bioweapons inside pre-built structures, much like the original screenplay. The big bang gave way to the universe as we know it. -Lok-480 (who one day would be Cancer) crashes on Earth, and is immediately recruited into the Zodiac. Aliens (Movie Novelization) 7. So it's clear that Prometheus is a sequel to first alien film and their may be one more Prometheus film which will fill the gap between First Alien film and Prometheus and AVP My favorite day of the year is Alien Day. It's getting quite complicated in there, so we've put together a The Alien timeline has multiple pasts. But the most shocking part of the bizarre claim The smartest kid of just 13 years old has managed to prove that the CERN recently destroyed our Universe, shifting us into a completely another parallel and alternate dimension. Tactical personnel sight an alien vessel that appears to be hanging motionless in the void. 6. Timeline of an X-Files Universe Including Material from Millennium, Strange Luck and Lone Gunmen (Revision 04-03-2000) Compiled by I. Votes: 229,986 | Gross: $47. The aliens attempt to manipulate world powers into a war to spur technological progress so they can get home; ironically, their actions spur technological progress while averting World War I . Before the creation of the universe itself to the aftermath of the clash between the Avengers and Thanos, here's everything that happens in the MCU Timeline. The following is a fictional timeline of events as they unfold in the Predator/AVP universe, as Although never intended to share the same movie universe, these two franchises are now linked thanks to two cross-over films. wasn't the only one to peg a potential discovery to their own personal timeline. The two legendary science fiction franchises that are both returning to theaters in 2017 have long been linked due to the fascination with Ever since Nick Fury appeared in Tony Stark's mansion eight years ago, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has exploded into a web of events that spans 13 movies and five TV series, with several more Below lists a timeline of the chronological events in the DC Comics Extended Universe. 5 The Other Thing 14/06/2019. 78 billion years old, and in that amount of time, there might have been plenty of civilizations that evolved and went extinct. 4. It does not include any fan fiction or "Asimov Friends" books: Notes: 1. 3 Planets and Planetoids 4. An Orion was first portrayed as an illusion in the original Star Trek pilot, but wasn't seen in the broadcast series until this original pilot was incorporated into a two-part episode (episodes 11 and 12) in the first season. 2 2021 5. The distant ancestors of modern humans become the pre-eminent spacefaring race in the galaxy and ally with an alien species called the San'Shyuum, aka the Prophets. The DC extended universe, as the company’s collection of films is known, got off to a relatively rough start. Predator: Requiem (2007) Alien (1979) Aliens (1986) Alien 3 (1992) Alien: Resurrection (1997) Are the AVP movies worth your time? The AVP films have their fans and they also have their detractors, so you’ll have to decide that for yourself. D. DC and Warner Bros. 4 Extradimensional The life of Taronyu, the first Na'vi to ride a banshee. Earth forms ~4. c. The Prometheus timeline directly contradicts the Alien vs. One such time that the universe was remade occurred when 20 th-Century Earth found itself merging with an alternate world. H. 4 1990s 1. 2,196 likes · 6 talking about this. be/u85NpwLXgJAThere are major plotholes if we are trying to c Alien Explorations blog “Exploring the “Alien” Movies and HR Giger. So far, there's four Alien movies, two Predator movies, and a crossover movie with a sequel coming out in two months. 6 2026 5. 5 Billion Years ago When a sci-fi franchise comes partially directed and executive produced by Alien franchise master Ridley Scott, fans are going to have theories. 2 Regions and Countries 4. 1 Serena, the Voice of Love and Compassion 3. 7 2028 5. The term the Known Universe referred to the area of the portion of the Universe that was explored and documented by humans. Alien Force was always taking place "now," until Ultimate Alien aired, at which point it took place about a year ago. If you want to see the Marvel and Avengers movies in order as they happened, starting with the World War II-set Captain America: The First Avenger, we’ve listed all 23 MCU movies in chronological order, in one guide! West End Games. 1 Currently Airing 1. 1959 Jeff Baker is born. Predator - timeline Robocop, Terminator, Alien, and Predator timeline -Predator 2 takes I don't think there's a way to fit Raised by Wolves into the timeline because it appears to be set in a universe where humans didn't have an interstellar empire. The vast majority of this space was claimed to be within the Imperium, the realm of the Padishah Emperors (who referred to themselves as "Padishah Emperors of the Known Universe" as a result). Egypt began ~3200 BC I also believe that Ben not knowing about Undertown is another clue that OV is in another universe, because how could Ben, Gwen, and especially Kevin miss an entire city full of aliens, and alien tech that live underneath their hometown, especially with Gwen's Mana detecting power that she has used constantly in AF/UA. Space itself is expanding, just as the cake expanded between the raisins in their analogy. 12 1790 1. 2150-2199. The Alien universe and Jeunet’s brand of whimsy make for strange bedfellows. Marvel Movies In Order: How To Watch All 23 MCU Movies. Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet | Stars: Sigourney Weaver, Winona Ryder, Dominique Pinon, Ron Perlman. 3 18th Century 2. Movie. 1 Foreword: Multiversal Cycle 1. 2089 AD – Elizabeth Shaw and Charles Holloway discover a star map in a Scottish cave, dating back to 35,000 years. Cold Iron Studios and 20th Century Games make the surprise announcement of Aliens: Fireteam, a new co-op shooter set in the Alien universe. Omniverse is always taking place "now. It was discovered by Black Mesa research scientists, who regularly traveled there via teleportation to collect samples and study the myriad species of flora and fauna Marvel Comics has revealed its first ongoing series set in the Alien universe, with Alien #1 launching in March 2021. Feel free to use it as you wish, within the bounds of other copyrights on this material. ” Chronologically, Prometheus is now the earliest film in the current Alien canon, seeing original franchise director Ridley Scott return for a different take on this dark universe. 4 2017 4. 1 Ben 10: Alien Force 1. 1 Alien Races 2. Most contemporary media also took place in the original timeline, regardless of canon. Out of the Shadows (Canonical Alien) 4. D. Humanity merges into the next octave layers by living out all of the potential six timelines of the 3rd dimension, into memory completion, and the next series of future timelines open to commence in the next cycle. Advanced form of Galaxy Manipulation. This is the official ALIEN tabletop roleplaying game — a universe of body horror and corporate brinkmanship, where synthetic people play god while space truckers and marines serve host to newborn ghoulish creatures. When Aliens: Fireteam kicks off, it’ll be set in 2202, 23 years after the events of Alien 3. This game takes place “23 years after the original Alien trilogy. Doom may give up ruling Latveria and begin to conquer or destroy actual countries, or Red Skull may be elected President. This is a list of all animated media based on Marvel Comics. Following the universe's creation, the Lords of Order and the Lords of Chaos emerge. Xenomorph; Mala'kak; Yautja; Heptapod Alien TV Universe; Category:Alien vs Hunter Universe; Category:Alien Like most science-fiction, the Alien universe is set in the future and explaining the timeline is probably the easiest way to begin introducing the universe's mythology. 10 Prior to 1773 1. While there are 2064 AD – An Elizabeth Shaw memory from that time is shown in a memorial device system seen by David in Prometheus. 6 Around 5,600 years ago 1 The series introduces many of the different alien species important to the Star Trek Universe, such as the Vulcans and Klingons. 4 Globalization era 1. 1,000,000 BC (approx) Ra iel armada invades the Void. , Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury, Samurai & Super Samurai, Megaforce Alien and Blade Runner may be set in the same universe. In this timeline, all of the canon Ben 10 episodes take place. 6 Sometime between 1506 and 1553 1. a new line of comics as part of Disney's revamped Star Wars timeline The design and lore behind Star Citizen's painstakingly-designed ships and its intricate universe. Since then Ridley Scott confirmed this theory and thus it is now part of the timeline. 4 Around 5,900 years ago 1. Information about the universes of Aliens (Linguafoeda acheronsis) and Predators (Yautja) The complete timeline of Predators Engineers and Aliens. 5 At some point between 2030 and 2057, the planet Coeus (later known as Polyphemus) is In 2009, the "Star Trek" universe got a reboot in a movie that put the characters from the 1960s original series in an alternate universe. In 1904, an alien android known as the Vision landed on Earth to prepare the human race for the coming of the planet eater known as Gah Lak Tus. 2 Supernatural Creatures 2. ||| Discover forbidden knowledge from Ancient Texts, Technologies & Archeology | Knowledge from Galactic Civilisations, Government secret programs & Advanced technologies like Transhumanism, Singularity, Biofarming, AI & Transdimensional travel | Learn more about the Nature of Reality Timeline of the Alien and Predator Universe. All Xenomorphs Explained https://youtu. This page documents the succession of chronological events that have taken place within The Expanse universe (including the The Expanse TV series). This timeline is ideally designed as a reference for persons who have already read the stories, as it assumes a basic familiarity with Known Space (its notable locations, alien species, and technologies) and contains numerous plot spoilers. Phase One and civilizations in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. -Sherlock Holmes is consulted by the police when a brilliant but deranged scientist, Hawley Griffin, develops the power to become invisible and goes on a rampage in London. 8. 75M June 21 - Timmy and Newt are left inside the Daihotai tractor, while Russ and Anne enter the derelict by way of a gash in its hull. 2 Forerunner era 1. Predator 2007: Aliens vs. Marvel timeline How Long Will It Take to Find Proof of Alien Life? Humans May Be the Only Intelligent Life in the Universe. Many people saw the crash, and Classic Timeline - The timeline around which the 2006 Ben 10 series, its sequels Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, and Omniverse, and all of their movies revolve. 14 1942 1. Main Timeline. Predator, Prometheus comics and graphic novels on Dark Horse Digital! 'Alien: Covenant' Director Explains Timeline Once and for All long Dr. By the time of Alien (shared universe or otherwise), android civil rights have improved a slightly. Try not to think about it. 1 Released 4 Theatrical 5 Shorts 6 Unproduced 7 See Also 8 External Links The Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man Fantastic Four Fantastic Four Spider-Woman In Jean-Pierre Jeunet's 'Alien Resurrection' (1997), 200 years after Ripley died bearing the alien queen, a group of scientists successfully produce clones of both her and the alien. It is based on the six 20th Century Fox films: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, Prometheus, and Alien Covenant their respective novelisations, and film production information from a variety of sources. It would also be nice if the scrolling was improved a bit. When the focus of the project shifted from a story set in the Star Wars galaxy to an original storyline using new alien Dark Horse Comics took the industry by storm with its release of Aliens, a comics series that for the first time captured the power of film source material and expanded its universe in a way that fans applauded worldwide. 1 Ancient History 1. While the cinematic timeline begins with Predatorin 1987 and ends with Alien Resurrectionin 2381, the shared universe technically began with the 1989 comic Aliens vs. Steve Jackson Games brought on board Loren Wise-man, former editor of the Journal of the Traveller Aid Society and developer of many Traveller titles when he worked at Game Designers’ Workshop. 1 2048 7. Prometheus timeline 8/13/15/16/17/18. Scott said that the first cut of the film was two hours and twenty-three minutes long, and was eventually edite The timeline of the Tesseract in the MCU after Captain Marvel Spoilers for the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe all the way through to Captain Marvel contained within where an alien And if the universe will be perfectly, or near-perfectly, simulated at some point, then we have to examine the possibility that we live inside such a universe. Timeline of the Alien, Predator, Alien vs. The story simplifies as we become dominant, save for one foe: the aloof and supremely powerful Xeelee. Assuming Raised by Wolves, Blade Runner, and Alien all take place in a shared universe, the timeline begins with Blade Runner. 2120 AD Alien vs Predator chronological movie order. This is the page for the Definitive Unauthorized Chronology, written by Jean-Francois Boivin. ALIEN & Prometheus & Predator. 4 Non-Human Races 2. 3 2007 3. 1 Television Series 1. Sentient beings begin to arise and the Endless enter the universe. 16 1946 (60 ye ars prior 2263 (Kelvin timeline) - Three years into the five-year mission (with things starting to get boring), the Enterprise is destroyed by Krall’s swarm ships, marooning the crew on an alien planet Timeline Marvel Universe Movies. 1 Reality 2. This is a timeline of events in the main Power Rangers universe. Diverging paths for humans and transhumans, eco-technic societies dominate the globe, and colonisation of space accelerates. It ’ s a harsh and unforgiving universe and you are nothing if not expendable. 1 1990 2. The Present 1987: Predator 1997: Predator 2 2004: Alien vs. 3 Prior to 1131 1. River of Pain (Canonical Alien) 5. Alien Life Could Be Hiding Out on Far Fewer Planets Than We Thought By Laura Geggel 10 June 2019 Under the new parameters, the planets of TRAPPIST-1 have little chance of hosting complex alien life. 15 1944 1. com COmics and the likes are also out. 3 Items 4. Free Digital Sourcebooks and Supplements . 2 2049 8 References 9 External links Frank Sinatra's "Summer Wind" is released on Reprise Records. 1 Deke Shaw's Tablet List 5 Music 6 Trivia 7 Video 8 References 9 External Links A surprise leap forward in time Noah Hawley has hinted strongly in interviews that he wants the show to explore the human side of this universe. Alien Resurrection (Movie Novel… More Orions are a green-skinned, humanoid alien species in the Star Trek universe. c. E. 5 Billion years ago. Russ is attacked by a facehugger and impregnated with an Alien embryo. Let's examine the chronology. 2 Prior to 3006 1. In the 20th century, the alien species known as the Chitauri, who had previously visited Earth in 1777, attempted their conquest of Earth. Predator: Requiem (2007). In a new interview, Alien director Ridley . The planet Esseles undergoes a period of high volcanic activity. A total of six films were produced, each chosen as part of a contest run by Tongal to select the six best fan pitches for the project. Ryan Scott Jul 6, 2016. Alien books (9) in Chronological order 0. Alien vs Predator timeline: 1/2/3/4/5/6. 3 2022 5. The Prometheus timeline directly contradicts the Alien vs. Predator timeline, indicating that, without confirmation, it's possible that the previously non-canon AVP stories, which indicated that the Xenomorphs had a history spanning thousands of years before the original Alien film, might be closer to NASA’s Exoplanet Exploration Program, the search for planets and life beyond our solar system. Max Laughlin is regarded as the smartest kid in the world since at the age of 13 he came up with his own free energy mechanism. Pre-Industrial: 17th century: 1600s | 1612 | 1634 | 1660 | 1680 | 1690 | 1692 | 1697 18th century: 1711 | 1713 | 1714 | 1723 | 1733 | 1742 | Industrial Revolution: 18th century: 1755 | 1768 | 1770 | 1774 | 1775 | 1776 | 1783 | 1787 | 1789 | 1791 | 1797 | 1798 Explore Alien Worlds Exoplanet Travel Bureau This set of travel posters envision a day when the creativity of scientists and engineers will allow us to do things we can only dream of now. They find a cargo hold full of Alien eggs. Predatorby Dark Horse Comics (which takes place at an This is a timeline of major events in the universe of The Roswell Incident. com Timeline of the Alien and Predator Universe. Predator timeline, indicating that, without confirmation, it's possible that the previously non-canon AVP stories, which indicated that the Xenomorphs had a history spanning thousands of years before the original Alien film, might be closer to Created by Slovak graphic designer Martin Vargic, the Timeline of the Universe covers the past 13. 6 Insurrection era 1. This list put the films of the 'Alien' and 'Predator' franchises in chronological order, including the semi-prequel to 'Alien' - 'Prometheus'. Even if it says its an ALIEN labeled product and not an AVP one—if a Predator shows up it’s AVP). There is much debate over which movies can be considered canon and so forth, but in determining a shared timeline, this is arguably the best order Scientifically speaking, the search for alien life is based on faith. Alien: Covenant - Alien Universe Timeline When Alien hit theaters in 1979, it blew up the alien archetype and revolutionized the science fiction genre by taking a step away from the friendly, space imagery to a scarier perspective of space. 1 Millions of years prior to Omniverse 1. After further chaos and attempts to establish order, eventually the United Earth Government was established in 2150. Humans have long suspected that we are not alone in the universe, and now scientists have said there may be dozens of alien civilizations lurking not too far There are many different types of alien races in the universe that visit or have visited our planet. 7 Toldja 28/06/2019. Information about the universes of Aliens (Linguafoeda acheronsis) and Predators (Yautja) Alien Covenant is a sequel to 2012's Prometheus but a prequel to the original Alien films starring Sigourney Weaver. L. The sixth film in the MCU timeline was the first MCU film released to take the audience away from earth and into space. here is a chronological timeline of every important alien abduction, As well as our first look at some footage of Alien: Covenant, 20th Century Fox have unveiled a brand new Alien website – Alien Universe aka MU/TH/UR 6000! Next Query The website is obviously modeled after the Mother interface from Alien and is likely the start of the viral campaign for Alien: Covenant. Interest. The following is the official in-universe timeline of events as they unfold throughout the shared continuity of the Alien, Predator, Alien vs. 1 Real world timeline 2 Universe timeline 2. Kree; Celestials; Inhumans; Amphibian Alien What order to watch Alien and Predator movies in. 6 Inescapable 21/06/2019. Though the Padishah Emperors laid claim to ruling the Known Universe, in I have noticed one possible minor correction. Parallel universe, also known as an alternate universe, or alternate reality, is a hypothetical self-contained plane of existence, co-existing with one's own. Firefly takes place during the year 2517, so roughly 138 years after the last chronological Alien film. Cover Reveal: The dark splendor of the new Alien universe comics. Learn about the UEE and alien races, explore the 3D Starmap and read about life in 2949. 8 1638 1. WELCOME TO THE YUTANI BLADE RUNNER TIMELINE, THIS WILL BE UNDER CONSTANT CONSTRUCTION SINCE THE UNCONFIRMED ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE BLADE RUNNER TV SERIES. 13,000,000,000 BBY. 837 The first Toruk Makto, and the events of Toruk - The First Flight take place. Given the established timeline of the movies, with Alien taking place largely in Unlock Forbidden Secrets of the Universe Through Ancient Wisdom, Alien Communication & Quantum Physics. The events of Blade Runner take place in November 2019, with the first replicant, the ancestor to future androids, created in 2005. 10,000,000 BBY. Introduction. Xenomorph; Mala'kak; Yautja; Heptapod; Servants (Eternal Cylinder) Alien Worlds Universe. c. 107,445 BCE approx. 2 Ben 10: Ultimate Alien 2. Year 2,999: Adam discovers his lost twin sister Adora on Etheria, the supposedly twin planet of Eternia. The following is a fictional timeline of events as they unfold in both film series. 9 Sometime between 1712 and 1812 1. 2100-2149. Phased-plasma pulse rifles! Nukes! Knives! Sharp Sticks! “In our timeline, they have a The Liaden universe (/ l iː ˈ eɪ d ɛ n / lee-AY-den or / l iː ˈ eɪ d ən /) is the setting for an ongoing series of science fiction stories written by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. Year 3,244 (possible future): The Tri-Solar System discovered by space explorers from Eternia. This time with the subtly-named Aliens (note the plural-s). Explore the entire universe of Aliens, Aliens vs. ” Lawson and Danvers are suddenly attacked by an alien ship and shot down For reasons of their own House Gloucester does not reveal the existence of an intelligent alien race on Cadiz to the wider universe. However, after multiple implications, it is 1 1960s 1. 7 2020s 1. fandom. THIS TIMELINE TAKES INTO ACCOUNT THE EVENTS OF THE BLADE RUNNER (1982), BLADE RUNNER 2049 (2017), THE VIRAL SHORT MOVIES BLACKOUT 2022, 2036: NEXUS DAWN AND 2048: NOWHERE TO RUN AND THE MOVIE SOLDIER (1998). 5 20th Century 2. 66 A. Aliens: The Set The Alien timeline has multiple pasts. 2 Bellicus, the RELATED: How the Alien FX Series Can Fit into the Franchise Timeline The first issue of the series, simply titled Alien #1, is set to release in March and will introduce readers to this new set of Before Prometheus even hit theaters this past summer we wondered: Will it create a shared universe between the Alien movies and Blade Runner?. Timeline Universes Community. The Alien-Predator-Blade Runner Universe Chronological Watch List show list info. No matter whether you're looking from Earth or from an alien planet billions of miles away, all other galaxies are moving away from you as space expands. 4. . 1 2000 3. 3 Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson 24/05/2019. 3 Ben 10: Omniverse 2 Appearance 2. Predator movies as part of the series, stating: “What we’re doing is a chapter of a larger story that we could call ‘The Predator’ Universe. In the 26th century, humankind has colonized hundreds of worlds in Earth's interstellar neighborhood, only to stumble upon a hostile alliance of aliens known as the Covenant. [edit | edit source] Aboard the Exodus, the civilian branch of government loses all influence and the Temple of the Book seizes control of two-thirds of the December 20sth, 2104. Trending pages. Although believed to be a weather balloon, it is soon discovered by the US Army to be an alien spacecraft. See full list on alienanthology. There's a lot of debate over whether the Alien Vs Predator movies are canon in the Alien timeline as Ridley Scott seemed to ignore them when it came to Alien: The Purge universe timeline The Alien Universe Timeline “The most expansive timeline of the Alien films available. Timeline of galactic history [edit | edit source] Pre-Republic era [edit | edit source] Dawn of time. The Prometheus timeline directly contradicts the Alien vs. The Aliens Are All Sleeping The Prime Timeline is the main timeline where the alternate timelines split off from. Seemingly intent on distancing itself from the events of Alien 3 as much as possible, Orions are a green-skinned, humanoid alien species in the Star Trek universe. 4. First civilization began ~8,000–10,000 BC. 1 2036 7 2040s 7. Predator (2004) Alien Vs. 8 Mentioned 4. 1,953 likes · 28 talking about this. Predator timeline, indicating that, without confirmation, it's possible that the previously non-canon AVP stories, which indicated that the Xenomorphs had a history spanning thousands of years before the original Alien film, might be closer to As expected, Marvel’s new interpretation of Alien has altered the already complex timeline of the classic franchise. The movie starred Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto and set One is the universe we see in Cloverfield. -Year 3,000-: Present day. Predator (2004) and Aliens vs. 5 Around 5,750 years ago 1. Marc Carlson. 4 2009 4 2010s 4. 2,190 likes · 25 talking about this. 5 2025 5. The Predator Fan Store. Here's how it connects. 4 Code Yellow 31/05/2019. Containing a comprehensive outline of the significant events in cosmic and natural history and future from the Big Bang to the heat death of the universe, with several hundred labels and a plethora of accompanying illustrations. 4 2023 5. 3 1999 3 2000s 3. 1 c. Predator, and Prometheus Universe. September 7th, 2016 marked the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. End of the dinosaur age ~65 million years ago. Most visited pages. 1 1966 2 1990s 2. 200 years after her death, Ellen Ripley is revived as a powerful human/alien hybrid clone. 1 1947 2 1948 3 1950 4 1951 5 1953 6 1954 7 1955 contact 8 1958 9 1960 10 1961 11 1963 12 1965 13 1966 14 1967 15 1969 16 1970 17 1971 18 1972 A UFO crashes in Roswell, New Mexico. 2 Events 4. It takes place at a relatively specific point in the ALIEN universe timeline. Since all of this information has come from other sources, I don't feel as though I can copyright it. Bensen's novel And Having Writ begins with the crash-landing of four alien explorers (with the implication that in the real timeline, their craft exploded over Siberia) in 1908. 8 Collision Course (Part I) 05/07/2019. Disney recently hinted that the company was looking into expanding the Alien franchise, after acquiring 20th Century Fox and all of its major properties. 2 1970s 1. Along with a crew of space pirates, she must again battle the deadly aliens and stop them from reaching Earth. " The G-Man[src] The Half-Life and Portal universe, also known as the Half-Life universe or the Portal universe, is a science fiction universe created by Valve Corporation in 1998, with the release of the video game Half-Life on the PC platform. An official list of games part of this series has been revealed in October 2011 in the UGSF series site Shared universe timeline - this timeline follows the 'soft reboot' of Doom 2016 (with all the dates from Doom 3 and Doom 4 series included. CPE’s Prometheus / Predator / Alien Universe Chronological Timeline Reviews With the release of the first good Predator film in almost 25 years, and the making (by Ridley Scott) of an Alien prequel, Prometheus, now is a great time to review […] See full list on titanfall. 1 October 14 Birthdate 1 History 1. Age 795; Alternate Timeline: Black kills the Supreme Kais of each Universe, killing the 12 Gods of Destruction and deactivating their Angels. The United States Military, hoping to use the queen to breed aliens to study, fail to keep the clones locked up and they escape. Scott casts doubt on the possibility of returning to those worlds in the Alien: Covenant is a 2017 Eels Remix" was used as the soundtrack for the in-universe short film Meet Walter starring Michael Fassbender, that was created to The Alien timeline has multiple pasts. Unfamiliar heroes with names like Spider-Man and Captain America took to the streets as unfamiliar villains like the Green Goblin menaced the innocent. (Okay, so it’s one of my favorite days, but look it’s easily right up there with Halloween. Unfortunately for the heroes of Alien: Covenant The Alien franchise has made an indelible mark on film history and future — but with prequels and sequels expanding the original story over a span of several decades, it can be hard to untangle Timeline of the Alien and Predator Universe. 3 In the early 21st Century, the RDA is formed in Silicon Valley, California. 7 No earlier than 1612 1. 13 1857 1. Man first appeared ~200,000 years ago. Alien franchise star Sigourney Weaver clarifies the intended timeline for her upcoming Alien 5 sequel, directed by Neill Blomkamp. Under his guidance, this alternate universe for Traveller The ability to manipulate everything within the entire universe. (Marvel Cinematic Universe) 2015: A mysterious alien race known as Mimics invade Earth. 2 2010s 3 Direct To Video 3. 3 1980s 1. 1 Precursor era 1. ” The Alien Universe Timeline “The most expansive timeline of the Alien films available. The Aliens comics published by Dark Horse started production in 1988 , before the release of Alien 3 , and thus crafted their own unique continuity, sprawling off the events of the first two films . The galaxy is formed. Alien: Covenant (2017) - 10 years later, approx. The Power Rangers Prime Universe is the base universe of the seasons: MMPR (1,2 and 3), Alien, Zeo, Turbo: Power Rangers A Movie & Turbo, Soul of the Dragon, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, Wild Force, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, S. It's now 2104 in the timeline of the Alien franchise, 11 years after the events of Covenant, and a new crew is sent to colonize a distant planet. Most visited pages. P. Things alien. Covenant (Covenant Movie Novelization) 2. "The borderworld, Xen, is in our control, for the time being thanks to you. Distant neighbors. Edit Orions are a green-skinned, humanoid alien species in the Star Trek universe. An Orion was first portrayed as an illusion in the original Star Trek pilot, but wasn't seen in the broadcast series until this original pilot was incorporated into a two-part episode (episodes 11 and 12) in the first season. At the end of this evolutionary cycle Planetary Rounds which ended on 12/21/2012, there are past and future timeline collapses intersecting with this current ascending reality. Alien Vs. As a science-fiction story, the Transformers franchise has introduced many different alien species over the years, not least the Transformers The 20 Most Powerful Ships In The Star Trek Universe, Ranked. 2104 AD - Happenings from Alien: Covenant. Use the List Numbers at the side to create a viewing order for the timeline of your choosing; Original Alien timeline: 15/16/17/18. 4 1131 1. In most works of fiction, however, it refers to any creature or object from an extraterrestrial source. 3 Around 6,000 years ago 1. But the earliest dates and storyline of the Marvel timeline predate the heady days of 2008. 2102; Alien (1979) - 30 years later, approx. Big bang started the universe ~13. Since the Big Bang explosion, they reason, the universe has been expanding. It totally works so long as you don't think too hard about any of it. To clear up any confusion, here's a breakdown of the entire timeline. After 30 years away, Scott returned to the Alien universe to direct the prequel Prometheus and its sequel, Alien: Covenant. 2 c. The series covers a considerable time period, some thousands of years in all, although since it also covers more than one universe the exact chronology is unclear. While there have been references to events going back as far as the 17th century in the games (like And given the immense timeline of the existence of the Universe, it’s likely that at least some of this life is older, and therefore farther along in their evolution than we. By Ira Madison III. The only way Alien X wins this is if he becomes Superman, and then that is still only a 50/50 shot. (IS5, 25:first date) (IS5, 25:first date) 2682 – House Gloucester begins to trade with the rebel Hironem of Teoghel , offering weapons to use against the God-King in exchange for land. 2104 AD - Events of Alien: Covenant - Advent. 5 Dimensions 2. 5,000,000,000 BBY. It was another 7 years before fans were treated to another instalment of the Alien universe. 8 billion years of space, and then plots out what’s likely to occur in the next 10 billion or so. E. The dating of the novelette "Mother Earth" is approximate, and is calculated backwards from the dating of the novel The Caves of Steel (4721 AD), which takes place around one thousand years after the rebellion of the Outer Worlds against Earth (roughly around 3720 The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a media franchise created by Marvel Studios, set primarily in a shared universe designated as the reality Earth-199999 within Marvel's multiverse system, with some installments also set in adjacents or branching realities. 3,000,000 BBY Timeline of the Alien and Predator Universe. 7. The Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline officially beings in the 1940s when scrawny Steve Rogers (Chris Evans if he were 5’4″ and didn’t have a gym membership) gets rejected by the army. universe and the timeline in GURPS Traveller continues the previous logical progression. Here, we'll go over some of the known alien species and races, where they're from, and pictures and videos of what they look like. Then, along with Future Zamasu The United Galaxy Space Force (UGSF) is a fictional organization featured in some Namco games, suggesting that they all take place in the same universe. 1 Timeline 1. With the upcoming release of the sixth installment of the series, it can be hard to keep track of the A Timeline of the X-Files Universe, From Prehistoric Black Oil to Super Soldiers. Timeline proposed only for Asimov short-stories or books. So, we looked into the timeline to work out how to watch all MCU movies in chronological order (with dates). And, on a truly infinite timeline About This Timeline . Middle Ages: 11th century: 1066 13th century: 1215. Variation of Nigh Omnipotence. It is based on the six 20th Century Fox films, their respective novelisations, and film production information from a variety of sources. June 4 - Warrant Officer Ripley discovers that Weyland-Yutani wants the Alien specimen and the crew of the Nostromo are expendable. 2 2005 3. A SUPPOSED time traveller from the year 2030 has broken his vow of silence to warn humanity of an impending alien invasion just 10 years from now. 1 Up to 20,000 years ago 1. 1 Also Called 2 Capabilities 3 Applications 4 Techniques 5 Variations 6 Associations 7 Limitations 8 Known Users 9 Known Objects 10 Gallery Unikinesis Universe Manipulation/Control The user can manipulate the entire universe; everything that consists of stars Alternate Timeline: Future Trunks encounters Future Babidi and Future Dabura and finishes them both off with an enormous ki blast preventing Majin Buu from being revived. 1 2020 5. 2122; Aliens (1986) - 57 years later, approx. How Aliens: Fireteam Fits Into the Alien Universe Including Prometheus and Covenant – IGN First. But in 1961, astronomer Frank Drake introduced a way to think about the odds. Alien takes place during the year 2122, whereas Aliens and Alien 3 take place in 2179. According to Scott, although the film shares "strands of Alien's DNA, so to speak", and takes place in the same universe, Prometheus explores its own mythology and ideas. The Alien timeline has multiple pasts. In this universe, the Clover monster appears in New York City in the year 2008 and the events of Cloverfield take place, similar to what seems to be happening in the 2028 universe at the same time. Unlike the Bantam Spectra novels that were being published at the time, these novels would have been published by Ace Books. "Prepare for unforeseen consequences. 2093 AD – The main storyline happenings of the Prometheus expedition. 7 The Great The Amalgam. . A quick and entertaining way to learn about the history and the far future of the Universe and the solar system. Effects houses Odd Studios and CreatureNFX provided the film's makeup and animatronic creature effects. Predator timeline, indicating that, without confirmation, it's possible that the previously non-canon AVP stories, which indicated that the Xenomorphs had a history spanning thousands of years before the original Alien film, might be closer to Orions are a green-skinned, humanoid alien species in the Star Trek universe. 2 Ben 10: Ultimate Alien 1. There are five movies in the Predator canon, and [‘The Predator’] will be the sixth. As a rule of thumb, inter-company crossovers mostly do not count towards canon in any franchise. Category page. In 1990, a brilliant man Timeline Universes Community. This plot device was used in 2012 when Ridley Scott went back to the Alien universe with the divisive Prometheus. Some films are closer to our timeline than others, and we're guided more by the earlier films, and by Prometheus. Motivated by the Prophets' promises of ascension to godhood in the form of the eponymous Halos, a series of ring-shaped Donald R. Predator timeline, indicating that, without confirmation, it's possible that the previously non-canon AVP stories, which indicated that the Xenomorphs had a history spanning thousands of years before the original Alien film, might be closer to June 4 - About 30 minutes later Captain Dallas is taken by the Alien, while trying to force it through the ship's ducts towards the airlock. ) In honor of the creepy, dust storm–ravaged planet of the original Alien (1979) film, LV426, the Alien franchise designated April 26th as Alien Day, and every year they invite fans of Alien to join in and celebrate their favorite “monster in the house "Raised By Wolves" is the new HBO Max show from Ridley Scott—and fans have been looking for links between the timelines of his new show and his movie classics like "Alien" and "Blade Runner. " The G-Man[src] Xen (pronounced "zen" 3) is the Borderworld, a plane of existence connecting two or more dimensions (which Xen can be referred to as). (Edge of Tomorrow) 2016: The second Human-Harvester War. 852 Birth of Entu and Tsyal. 9 Collision Course (Part II) 12/07/2019. 8 billion years ago. First life ~3. alien universe timeline